Anne Hathaway exclaims, "I'M CATWOMAN!"

When it was first announced that Anne Hathaway would have a role in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, people noticed a little something in the press release.

Nowhere did it say the word, "Catwoman". In fact, this is exactly what it says, "Warner Bros. Pictures announced today that Anne Hathaway has been cast as Selina Kyle in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” Then the speculation began. Would Hathaway only play Kyle? Or would we get to see her in the skin tight suit?

So far there's been no clear answer, but today Hathaway said some things on an Oscars After Party show with Oprah. For those of you not interested in watching, the actress tells a story that she was waiting on a call to find out if she was playing Catwoman. Finally a call comes in and Hathaway's manager tells her that she is about to hear something that she will never hear again in her whole life. The manager then tells her that she was asked to host the Oscars. As soon as the news is delivered Hathaway loudly exclaims, "I'M CATWOMAN!...what?"

Some of the peeps on the internet think this confirms that Hathaway will go full on Catwoman in TDKR. Do you agree?

Extra Tidbit: I have never heard Hathaway laugh like that. During the Oscars she either fake laughed or giggled. Is she a hot girl with a bad laugh who knows she has a bad laugh?
Source: Batman-News



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