Anne Hathaway to lend her pipes again in Song One with Brit rocker Johnny Flynn

Anne Hathaway, who seems to be the frontrunner to take best supporting actress this year for LES MISERABLES, is set to co-star with Brit rocker/actor Johnny Flynn in SONG ONE, written and directed by first-timer Kate Barker-Froyland. Hathaway will star as an archaeologist who comes home from a dig in Morocco after her brother is injured in the U.S.  She then becomes romantically involved with a musician (Flynn) who is a favorite of her injured brother. 

The music in the film will be written by the musical couple Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, with Flynn set to perform the majority of the songs.  Hathaway, however, is having one song written specifically for her (SONG ONE, perhaps?), so she'll definitely be getting in tune for the pic.

Hathaway is also attached to a retelling of THE TAMING OF THE SHREW and was onboard for Spielberg's now delayed ROBOPOCALYPSE.  More as this develops.

Here's a sampling of Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice's jams:

Extra Tidbit: I know it sounds like fanboy hyperbole, but I'd really dig seeing Hathaway take on a Catwoman solo pic. Thoughts?
Source: Daily Mail



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