Another actor injured on the Broadway stage of Spider-Man

Actress TV Carpio probably thought the stars were aligning in her favor when she was cast in "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" after original actress Natalie Mendoza left the production. Unfortunately the only stars aligning for Carpio are the ones spinning around her head in a dizzy circle. Carpio suffered a neck injury during a "mid-performance incident" of the musical and will be out of the show for two weeks. Considering the show is going on hiatus in starting in April, it's possible that Carpio might not return.

The actress was playing the role of lead villainess Arachne after Mendoza suffered a concussion during a performance and was advised by doctors not to return. Taking Carpio's place is understudy and former AITH Podcast guest America Olivo.

Why the production is continuing through previews when the show is taking a major hiatus to retool major aspects of the musical is beyond me. It's like playing your starters at the end of a football season when you've already got the playoffs and a first-round bye clinched. Why risk getting someone injured?

Carpio's is the fifth major injury to a cast member since "Spider-Man" began previews and two of the injuries were serious enough that the actors in question never returned.

Source: Variety



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