Another AVP?

Hey, remember when you saw AVP:R and while stumbling out of the cinema in a daze thought "Good Lord, they really dumped all over those legacies good and proper"? Well today comes the swell news that there might be just a little more excrement that can be squeezed out of the AVP teet. Apparently a third film is now a 'certainty', and whether or not the Strause brothers return, Aliens and Predators will most likely be raped once more in the interest of money.

How should we feel about this? On the one hand there is definitely an awesome movie in here somewhere, but for some reason no one has yet realized it includes space marines and a deserted colony somewhere. I'm also pretty sure it includes the Aliens not being reduced to just popping up either behind or in front of people and killing them off-screen. On the other hand though, the last two attempts at finding that awesome film have been pretty terrible. If you remember, the brothers Strause had always said that AVP:R led into another film, and that it would take place in space, so maybe that's a positive indication. Then again, I bought into all the adverts they released for their movie, so really, who knows? What do you guys think? Good news or bad news?
Extra Tidbit: Quick, quick, I better use my funky liquid to dizzolve all this wreckage and make it like we were never here, otherwise the humans might -- oooh look a cop, I'mma skin him and hang him from a tree!



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