Another photo from Thor shows the bond between Father and Son

When it comes to THOR, I'm honestly not worried.

This is primarily due to one reason: Kenneth Branagh.

Is it stupid to fall back on a director hoping that maybe this will be a great film? No. I love the comic film world and in some aspects, at times, have high hopes that might seem naive. It just stems from the fact that you have a certain idea of what you want a character to be like, especially if you spend a lot of time reading the comics. In the end, the possibilities seem to be endless. End rant.

Anywho, a new picture from THOR has been found. I would guess perhaps it came from the new Entertainment Weekly, but /Film says that it looks like it comes out of a Comic-Con publication. Maybe a sneak peek. Odin isn't grinning as much here, looks as though he might be giving the son a pep talk.

Check it out below.

Extra Tidbit: Yes, I did drink the Branagh punch. Wow. That sounds terribly, terribly wrong.
Source: Shh Forums/Film



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