Another poster for The Hangover Part III and this one might have a spoiler...

The Hangover Part III banner

The new trailer for THE HANGOVER PART III will debut on Thursday and as kind of a countdown towards the release there have been several posters for the movie hitting the web. Today we have a new one of Ed Helms as Stu and Ken Jeong as gangster Leslie Chow.

Am I positive the poster is a spoiler? No, but I have a wild theory that involves the poster that I'll add at the bottom. So if you just want to see the poster don't scroll down too far.

"POR QUE!?!?"

The Hangover Part III

Spoiler time: OK, so the plot for THE HANGOVER PART III has been kept quiet but we do know there isn't a wedding and the film will take place in multiple locations. My hypothesis is that either the gang is on the run from Mr. Chow or they are doing an errand for the gangster due to the events from the second movie. Furthermore, I do think Leslie Chow actually dies in THE HANGOVER PART III and he won't be the only one. Someone had mentioned in the Strikeback of a previous THE HANGOVER PART III article about the possibility of almost everyone dying at the end to make the film really epic and I agree that by the time the credits roll there could be some body bags ready to be filled.

These might just be the half-assed ramblings of a man that hasn't had much sleep lately but I think director Todd Phillips knows he let a lot of fans down with the second film and is going all out with THE HANGOVER PART III. With this being the final movie I think anything is possible and that alone has me interested in the return of the Wolf Pack.

THE HANGOVER PART III is set to be released on May 24th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Mel Gibson was approached for THE HANGOVER PART III...



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