Another Stephen King novel is going to be adapted for the big screen

I realize that the tone of this article title may read as me being put out. I'm really not. I grew up in a household where the latest Stephen King novel was waited on with bated breath. My Dad took a break about 8-10 years ago from King's novels then in the past few years took up where he left off. The last one he truly enjoyed was "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon".

Well, that won't be the next novel of King's to be adapted just yet. In this case the book in question is one from 1995 called ROSE MADDER. If it weren't for my parents being such avid King fans I would have no idea that this novel existed. When I saw the news, it took my a second but I then quickly had an image of the cover pop up in my head.

The film adaptation will be scripted by Naomi Sheridan (IN AMERICA). The story is about, "a woman who's on the run from her abusive husband and is able to travel into a painting." Palomar Pictures (BROTHERS, KILLER ELITE) has offered financing for the project.

More King anyone?

Source: Variety



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