Anthony Hopkins hunts down a psychic in the international trailer for Solace

So here's a movie that's been sitting around for a few years, which is rarely a good sign, but now we have an international trailer so you can make up your own mind. SOLACE follows a former doctor with psychic abilities (Anthony Hopkins) who is drawn into a serial-killer case, only to find that the killer (Colin Farrell) is a psychic as well - so the two men can detect each other's moves. Sound a little gimmicky to you? Judge for yourself!

There's a reason we haven't seen anything about this flick until now, as I imagine the end result didn't exactly sell. Still, I'd like to think that there was something that drew Hopkins and Farrell in (other than a paycheck) so maybe it has some of the entertainment goods to deliver. At the very least, if it plays better than Nicolas Cage's NEXT, I'll be happy. Well, "happy" is a strong word...

SOLACE should hit US theaters sometime in 2015.

Source: SND



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