Antoine Fuqua in talks to helm Infinite, a thriller about immortals

After helming the first sequel of his career with THE EQUALIZER 2, Antoine Fuqua may be setting his sights on the realm of fantasy with his next project. THR reports that Fuqua is in negotiations to direct INFINITE for Paramount Pictures, which will be a time-spanning thriller dealing with immortals.

Per THR, the project, which was scripted by Ian Shorr, tells the story of "a group of near-immortal men and women who are reincarnated over the centuries and are known as “The Infinite.” The group is battling an evil mastermind who has designs to destroy the planet but has to reluctantly put all its eggs into the basket of one man, a schizophrenic who will have to learn that all his vivid dreams are actually memories from past lives, in order to defeat the villain." The only question now is who will Antoine Fuqua's frequent collaborator Denzel Washington play? In all seriousness, I would actually love to see Washington play the villain. We don't see enough of that.

Antoine Fuqua has a number of projects on his slate already, including the long-in-development SCARFACE remake and THE STREET, a thriller from GOODFELLAS writer Nicholas Pileggi which will be set against the backdrops of New York and Shanghai. There's also the possibility that he may reunite with Denzel Washington for a third EQUALIZER film. "Personally, I’d love for it to happen. I mean the audience has spoken, so hopefully it’ll continue to do well in its life. Sony has brought it up and talked about it. It would be great to do it again," Fuqua said shortly before the release of the second film. "It would be great to do it again with Denzel. I'm looking forward to The Equalizer 3 if that happens. I would love for it to take place internationally, I think Denzel would be a great James Bond type character."

Source: THR



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