Antoine Fuqua to direct The Street from Goodfellas writer Nicholas Pileggi

Antoine Fuqua certainly seems to be keeping himself busy as he's added yet another project to his upcoming slate. Deadline reports that the director has made a deal to take the helm of THE STREET, which Nicholas Pileggi (GOODFELLAS) is currently writing.

Unfortunately, not much is known about THE STREET at this time, only that it will be a "thriller set against the backdrops of New York and Shanghai," but the involvement of Antoine Fuqua and Nicholas Pileggi points to something gritty and crime-filled. The director is currently prepping for the release of THE EQUALIZER 2, which will be the first sequel of his career as well as Denzel Washington's. The upcoming sequel will find Washington reprising the role of retired CIA black ops operative Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) as he returns to dispense more hard-hitting justice to those who deserve it.

Antoine Fuqua is also back onboard Universal Pictures' SCARFACE remake, which he was once slated to direct before having to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. David Ayer (BRIGHT) stepped in to replace him before he too departed, leaving the door open for Fuqua's return earlier this year. The SCARFACE reimagining will once again tell the story of an immigrant fighting for his version of the American Dream, and Antoine Fuqua has previously said this story is more relevant than ever.

I read the script they have and it's actually really interesting and very timely. We're dealing with a lot of stuff now coming out of Mexico. And again, we still have those issues dealing with the "American Dream", and the fact that the game is rigged, right? It's not really an even playing field, but the promise is that it is. The promise is that everyone gets a fair shot, but that's not always the case. So that's always relevant, and right now with what's happening in Mexico, which is where [the main character] comes from -- he comes out of Mexico -- that's relevant, especially when you've got people talking about putting up walls and other kinds of stuff. We're still dealing with immigration, we're still dealing with what would turn someone into Scarface.

THE EQUALIZER 2 will hit theaters on July 20, 2018.

Source: Deadline



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