Anyone wanna see Grown Ups 2?

There's no stopping sequels we didn't ask for. You can just add another one to the pile...unless you do actually want to see a sequel to this.

Adam Sandler's ensemble buddy comedy, GROWN UPS is getting a second installment. What's weird is that this would be the first Sandler movie to get a sequel. What's even weirder is that GROWN UPS is the highest grossing Sandler movie. It made $271 million worldwide.

GROWN UPS scribe and long time SNL pal Fred Wolf is currently in negotiations with Sony Pictures and Happy Madison Productions to write the sequel. Wolf has been around Sandler for awhile and wrote screenplays for BLACK SHEEP and one of my personal favorites, DIRTY WORK. However, GROWN UPS did nothing for me. There were parts here and there that I chuckled at but overall I was just not impressed.

As of now, there is no confirmation from Happy Madison or Sandler.

What would happen in a sequel for GROWN UPS? Do they re-reunite or something? Are they the only survivors in a zombie apocalypse? Not sure. Hey Adam Sandler, I adore you and know that you have tons of fun with your friends on set, but please go back to doing flicks that don't suck so much ass. Thank you.

Source: Variety



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