Apatow speaks Greek

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL didn't make a massive impact at the box office, but it got a positive reception from those who saw it and should stick around theaters for awhile (and will clean up on vid, no doubt). Regardless, the people behind the flick obviously had a blast, since a bunch of them are reuniting for another comedy.

Judd Apatow and FORGETTING helmer Nick Stoller are getting together for Universal's GET HIM TO THE GREEK, bringing along their previous co-stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand (that's him pictured, although I may have accidentally cropped him out a little).

GREEK, described as "a very dirty take on ALMOST FAMOUS," finds Hill's fledgling insurance adjuster charged with accompanying Brand's wild rock star from London to an LA concert. Brand will presumably continue his increasingly grating Brit rocker schtick.

Stoller is also working with FORGETTING star Jason Segel on a new Muppet movie.
Extra Tidbit: Hill started with a trial by fire: appearing in a David O. Russell movie (I HEART HUCKABEES).
Source: Variety



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