Apparently the cast of Baby Driver learned to stunt drive for real

So this is pretty fucking cool! Like how the Wachowskis got their actors to learn real martial arts and do many of their own stunts, so too is director Edgar Wright getting his actors in BABY DRIVER to actually learn to stunt drive. Now, that's not to say that they're doing the craziest stunts or anything (Tom Cruise isn't in this cast), but the fact is they were still learning the trade first hand to be more believable behind the wheel.

Even more impressive is that fact that many of the stunts of the film were done for real - as they say, no wires, green screen trickery, or CG. Not only that, but the actors were often in the thick of the action with rigs (again, no matter how intense a training course is, no insurance will let actors do real stunt driver work), which is still impressive nonetheless. Honestly, this film looks like a total blast. I wasn't quite sold on it before (despite being a huge Wright fan), but this definitely pushed it over the top for me.

Anyway, you can see all this first hand in the feature embedded below:

Meanwhile, BABY DRIVER will revv into theaters June 28th, 2017.

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