Apparently the Justice League reshoots have been long and expensive

So there has been a lot of confusion and hearsay about exactly how extensive the reshoots Joss Whedon has done on Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE. Was it just a few weeks (pretty standard reshoot schedule) with some character beats and some punched up dialogue? Or has it been more than that?

Well, according to Variety, it's been a lot more than that, and in fact they're still shooting the damn thing. In fact, reshoots have gone on for months now - far longer than the actors joining on anticipated. This is especially true of co-stars Ezra Miller (who is working on the sequel to FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM), and Henry Cavill, who is a big part of the upcoming MISSION IMPOSSIBLE sequel. Actually, in a pretty funny anecdote, Cavill was expected to be finished shooting JUSTICE LEAGUE by now, so he grew an amazing Burt Reynolds-esque lip caterpillar for the role; however, the M:I production wouldn't let him shave off, so now Whedon and his crew will have to digitally remove the mustache from his Superman scenes. I mean, I can't wait to see behind-the-scenes footage of Superman with porn-stache!

Meanwhile, the production has spent at least two months in London and Los Angeles and have spent - so far - a whopping 25 million dollars, which is on top of how much ungodly amount they spent before reshoots, and isn't even factoring in how much the marketing blitz is going to be. Let's just hope it was all worth it. I'm hopeful, despite my better judgement. Not going to lie, that last Comic-Con trailer got my blood pumping instead of boiling, so that's a good sign at least!

Either way, JUSTICE LEAGUE will hit theaters - hopefully - November 17th.

Extra Tidbit: The biggest thing now is finding a way to make Darkseid interesting when his copy-cat - Thanos - is getting more mainstream exposure first.
Source: Variety



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