April Fools remake

The 80s slasher flick APRIL FOOL'S DAY is getting the remake treatment and that ain't no April Fool's joke. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that The Butcher Bros. (AFTER DARK) have signed on to write a remake of the 1986 flick that is being shopped to studios. As of now B-D reports that both Sony and Paramount are in talks to pick up the project. For me, APRIL FOOL'S DAY was one of those movie I grabbed at the video store just based on the cover of the case. A chick with her ponytail tied into a noose? And holding a knife?? Sweet! That was about all I needed. Unfortunately I wonder how well the film, especially its ending, can be translated for modern audiences. The film, if you've never seen it, follows eight friends who gather at the mansion of Muffy St. John (God, I love that name) and, obvs, each gets bumped off as their dark secrets get revealed. To say more would be spoiling. APRIL FOOL'S DAY was one of the 80s "holiday horror" flicks like SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT that spawned Eli Roth's "Thanksgiving" trailer parody in GRINDHOUSE. I've got to say I haven't seen any of the Butcher works but I suppose APRIL FOOL'S DAY should be right up their alley. At least they understand horror a little better than a music video director...

Extra Tidbit: Muffy star Deborah Foreman won the 1986 "Most Promising New Star" award at ShoWest.



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