Aquaman set pics show Jason Momoa and Amber Heard frolicking on the beach

I remember the first time I ever performed stand-up, I was in the sixth grade for a talent show. This would've been in '99 (if people are keeping track), and one of my first jokes ever was about Aquaman, which something along the lines of "If someone's robbing a bank, who are you gonna call, Aquaman? What's he going to do, ask a fish from a pet store for help?" As you can see, there's a reason I'm not the next Louis CK (also my final joke was a riff on Columbine, because I was a shitty kid).

I bring that story up, because for a long time, Aquaman was indeed just a joke. But that looks like that's finally about to change with the Jason Momoa iteration for the movies. He seems cool, badass, and above all fun. If you would've told sixth grader Damion that Aquaman would be one the things you were most anticipating for the JUSTICE LEAGUE film, he would've...probably kicked you in the nuts. Again, I was a shitty kid.

Anyway, enough about me, here's some set pics and set videos that show Jason Momoa as the titular Aquaman, frolicking on the beach with Amber Heard as Mira, both in full Atlantean armor:

There's also this video, taken from a local news team:

So what about you Schmoes? You guys excited for AQUAMAN? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile you can next see Aquaman swimming to theaters in JUSTICE LEAGUE, on November 17th!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite iteration of Aquaman, and why is the animated BRAVE AND THE BOLD version?
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