Arcade Fire scores Box

UPDATE - Arcade frontman Win Butler shoots down the news saying, "[we] may do an instrumental piece or two for Richard Kelly's new movie...but we are not planning on doing any major work for a while."

Recently Richard Kelly teased on his MySpace blog "The last few months have been an amazing time for us on the editing of THE BOX. We're starting to work with a very famous band who is honoring us with being the first fillmmakers they've ever scored a film with." Who exactly that "very famous band" was Kelly wouldn't say but web-based music pub Pitchfork has spilled the beans. They say Montreal's second most famous (sorry but our own JoBlo takes the top prize) The Arcade Fire will be scoring Kelly's upcoming thriller. I've never been a huge Arcade Fire fan (could never figure out what the fuss was about), I'm always a fan of allowing rockers to stretch their wings and compose music for films. After all, isn't that how Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman got his start? THE BOX stars Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella and follows a married couple bequeathed with a magic box that brings them fortune while befalling tragedy on a stranger. The film is set for release later this year.

Extra Tidbit: The arcade in question is the Exeter Arcade in New Hampshire.
Source: Pitchfork



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