Are all movie and television posters the same?

All too often, I spend my time on here bitching about posters. I have a long love affair with posters. When I was thirteen, we had a local video store that would give posters to the first person who claimed them. My seventh and eighth grade drama teacher would somehow acquire posters and then give them out to our class if we wanted them. Point is, in my lifetime I've gotten a ton of free posters and would cover my walls in them.

I just hate seeing the same shit over and over again. The only time I get enjoyment from a poster is when the Mondo poster geniuses put something out. I also got really tired of the minimalist posters because it seemed like everyone and their mom could do one. It seems that Christophe Courtois has spotted a trend in movie and television posters. He posted them on his blog and even has a section for Tom Cruise. I've posted a few below. To get more head here. You might have to hit up Google Translate unless you are fluent in French.

Text In Your Face

I've Got My Eye On You

Tiny People On the Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds

Back To Back

Legs Wide Spread



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