Arnold Schwarzenegger is thankful he wasn't in Terminator Salvation

The TERMINATOR franchise reigns as one of the most iconic in movie history despite only two of the movies actually being lauded as quality films. The fifth chapter, TERMINATOR: GENISYS, hopes to reboot not only the series back to James Cameron's original film but also restore a fan-base that laments the weak entries in recent years.

During an interview with the primary cast of TERMINATOR: GENISYS by ABC News, the point was made that this was Arnold's first film in the series since TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES since he did not appear in TERMINATOR SALVATION. Here was Arnold's response to missing the McG directed fourth film.

"Thank God. It sucked."

Jai Courtney, Emilia Clarke, and Jason Clarke all chuckled at Arnold's comment because, well, he isn't wrong. Schwarzenegger was asked to pick his favorite film of the ones he has made and he said all three were good in their own right which begs the question as to whether he has even watched the atrocious third film. In my opinion, the third is way worse than the fourth movie and I am not holding out too much hope for TERMINATOR: GENISYS either.

At the very least, Alan Taylor's film could be a fun action flick but there is no question that JUDGEMENT DAY ranks as the best film in the franchise. Anyone disagree?

TERMINATOR: GENISYS opens on July 1st.

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