Arnold Schwarzenegger puts a halt to all his upcoming film projects

In response to the latest controversy in his life (I don't need to rehash), Arnold Schwarzenegger has to decided to put a halt on any film projects for the time being.

Arnie has decided to take some time to spend with his family. Schwarzenegger's office released a statement for Creative Artists Agency to put his pending movie projects on hold, "Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes Cry Macho, The Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides."

This is not an unusual move for a celebrity when they have personal issues blasted all over the media. It's definitely a good thing that Schwarzenegger is going to focus on time with his family rather than jumping back into a film career, especially after everything that has happened.

We can wait on another TERMINATOR film and certainly continue to wait for CRY MACHO. I really don't think anyone is worried about it. Good luck to ya, Arnie.

Extra Tidbit: So would CRY MACHO be Schwarzenegger's THE WRESTLER?
Source: USA Today



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