Arnold Schwarzenegger says Terminator: Genesis will have the same feel as T2

With Alan Taylor's TERMINATOR: GENESIS scheduled to start filming next month, everyone wants to know more about the fifth film in the franchise. Some rumored plot details surfaced earlier this month about the upcoming movie possibly exploring the events from the previous films, and in a new interview with Collider, Arnold Schwarzenegger says the new movie will have the same tone as TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY. The actor also says we should expect "hardcore action" in TERMINATOR: GENESIS.

"Terminator is going to have the exact same feel. The way it reads, it has the same feel of Terminator 2. It’s big. There’s hardcore action and it has some really great visual effects in there, but not over the top. It’s not a Thor type of movie, even though it’s the same director. It has good special effects, but just enough to say, “Wow, where did that come from?  How did they do that?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a few other interesting details on TERMINATOR: GENESIS as well. At this point, he's not sure if the film will have an R-rating, and he says TERMINATOR: GENESIS isn't the official title yet.

Schwarzenegger also talked about how the Terminator is different from other big franchises like Batman and James Bond.

"I think that it’s just so wild to have a franchise that has been around for that long, and then after 30 years, to get asked again to be the only character in a movie that is the same character is unheard of, in movie history. You always switch out, like with James Bond and Batman. They have new characters there. But, not here. That, to me, is an extraordinary situation and a great opportunity. Of course, I was honored when I was asked to come back and play the character with Sarah Connor. It was the same when Universal called and said, “We want to do the sequel to Twins.” That’s 25 years later, after it came out. And 34 or 35 years later, after doing Conan, they’ve come back and said that they want me to play Conan."

I know a rating usually doesn't make or break a film, but I'm fairly certain 99.9% of you want an R-rating for the new movie. I don't need TERMINATOR: GENESIS to have buckets of blood in it, however I do want it to be brutal as hell. PG-13 "hardcore action" is fine and all, but that's not what I want for the next Terminator film, and I think most fans feel the same way. TERMINATOR: GENESIS should be a triumphant return for Arnold Schwarzenegger as his most iconic character, and hopefully we won't get another watered-down Terminator flick with the new film.

TERMINATOR: GENESIS starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke and Jai Courtney (and possibly J.K. Simmons) will open on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Collider



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