Arnold's next films

Of all the projects I expected Arnold Schwarzenegger to become involved with after his work on TERMINATOR 3, I can honestly say a remake of the 1973 thriller WESTWORLD was probably the furthest from my mind.  But sure enough, Ahnuld will reteam with Warner Bros for a remake of the film (which originally starred Yul Brenner), which follows a robot programmed to entertain at a theme park going haywire and killing and hunting tourists.  WESTWORLD, with a script from Michael Crichton (who wrote and directed the original), is expected to begin filming directly after T3 wraps.

Looks an awful lot like Arnold in THE TERMINATOR eh?

Also of notable Arnold news is word that his post-WESTWORLD project will likely be KING CONAN: CROWN OF IRON, also with Warner Bros.  While that deal isn't yet set in stone, details are being hammered out right now to put Arnold back in Conan's shoes alongside a younger swordsman.  John Milius, who wrote CONAN THE BARBARIAN, is still working on a script for KING CONAN and the deal could be finalized upon approval of the script.  So does all this mean that TRUE LIES 2 and I AM LEGEND aren't happening any time soon?  Certainly looks that way...

Source: Variety
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