Aronofsky explains his departure from RoboCop

Much has been made on the interwebz about Darren Aronofsky's participation on ROBOCOP. Rumors that Aronofsky was departing the project were rampant within months of him signing on to the project and eventually he did leave the film behind to work on BLACK SWAN. While there was much speculation on the move, the director himself had never commented on his participation on ROBOCOP. Until now...

So why did Aronofsky bail on ROBOCOP? Was it the 3D? Did he realize it was a bad idea to remake ROBOCOP? Did Clarence Boddicker come charging in the room and say, "Bitches leave"? None of the above actually. Aronofsky told MTV that it had nothing to do with 3D or his interest in the project, simply that MGM was in a precarious financial situation (which we've all seen) and BLACK SWAN was ready to go immediately. That made his decision pretty easy.

Despite the rumors, Aronofsky claims that "interesting things are going to be done in 3D" and that if it's good enough for Scorsese and Cameron, it's good enough for him. "With the right project, I'm totally into 3D."

As to whether he'd ever return to ROBOCOP if MGM got their finances in order, Aronofsky remained diplomatic saying, "We'll see what happens with it down the line." (I don't think you need Google Translate to know that means, "Thanks but no thanks...")

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Source: MTV



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