Aronofsky not enchanted by idea of 'Robocop' in 3D

Before Christmas, we started to hear rumblings that Darren Aronofsky was losing interest his ROBOCOP remake, and now there seems to be a more official explanation as to why that is exactly. Moviehole reports that the project is stalled because of creative differences between Aronofsky and MGM.

'Nash' from the OCP-lovin' RoboCop Archive dropped me a line earlier today, stating that “ I've spoken with Phoenix Pictures [and] asked them about the status of ROBOCOP... they told me that the project is on hold. The problem is that Mary Parent, Chairperson of MGM, wants a 3D movie for the new ROBOCOP. But, as you know, Darren Aronofsky is a real artist and he's not interested in gimmicks like 3D, CGI, filming digital, he wants to do everything as real (organic) as possible just like The Fountain.”

Wow, the studio wants ROBOCOP to be a big 3D blockbuster, and Aronofsky wants it to be real and artsy? Who could have possibly seen this conflict coming? I never understood why Aronofsky was attached to this project in the first place, as it seemed about as logical as Michael Bay directing SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, but I was curious to see what his artistic direction would be for the film.

Who knows if this will ever actually work out, but I just can’t see “3D blockbuster” and “Aronofsky” in the same sentence, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks and the studio looks elsewhere for a more explosion-prone director.

Extra Tidbit: Who do you think would be a good replacement? Or should they just scrap this project all together? Yeahhh.
Source: Moviehole



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