Arrested Development will stay somewhat clean when it comes to profanity and nudity, despite being on Netflix

With ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT returning to our television sets in just a couple of days, anticipation is higher than ever for the fourth season of the former FOX sitcom. As any fan knows, the show used an omniscient narrator voiced by Ron Howard, to tell the story of the dysfunctional Bluth family. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT never shied away from jokes of all kinds, generally using puns, double entendres, and visual tricks like blurring to lead the viewer towards more adult moments. One question that many have wondered in light of the violence, nudity, and profanity laden Netflix series HOUSE OF CARDS and HEMLOCK GROVE, would ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT be embracing the lack of network censors?

Our very own Chris Bumbray asked ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT creator Mitch Hurwitz (a JoBlo.com fan!) that very question. Here was his answer:

"We more or less embraced the idea of the old show- it's sort of being filtered through this narrator in an invisible way. Like it needs Ron Howard's sensibility, and as a character and in reality, that he's a clean-cut, really good guy. It just became part of the sensibility of the show, that we leave some things unsaid, we cover some things up...

While mentioning there will be some moments involving a character going nude, overall the show will not featuring much swearing. In my opinion, the use of profanity for laughs always seems to be a cheaper route. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT has always thrived on good writing and improvisation from the cast which may result in a bleep here or there but always better than an unnecessary F-bomb.

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT premieres all season four episodes on Netflix on May 26, 2013.

Source: JoBlo.com



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