Arrow in Death Race!

It's pretty amazing how when I started this site almost a decade ago, I was writing about Tom Cruise, Joan Allen, Paul W.S. Anderson and today, I get to announce that our very own John Fallon (aka the Arrow) just got himself a small part in the remake of the Sylvester Stallone film DEATH RACE 2000 (now titled just DEATH RACE) co-produced by Cruise and directed by Anderson (and yes, the Arrow is one of the few onliners who's always dug on the guy) and co-starring Allen. Furthermore, the film stars none other than Jason Statham himself, as well as Ian McShane and as we recently announced, hottie Natalie Martinez.

Fallon will be playing a Neo f*ckin' Nazi in the movie and hopefully will go head-to-head vs Statham (if that actually happens, we may just have throw him an after-party for that...wow!). The film is set to start shooting in Montreal, Canada really soon, and the Arrow will be shooting his part, sometime in October. It's always bitter-sweet for me to announce acting gigs for my good friend John because it means that he's just a step closer to leaving me...I mean, this site...hehehe. Seriously though, DEADEN recently got bought up in the US, and after his quickie role in SAW 2, he nabbed another one in Eric Red's 100 FEET opposite Famke Janssen and now this puppy! As per usual, we wish John nothing but the best and if you see Tom Cruise on the set, tell him JoBlo said "Hey!". Also, ask Martinez if she's single and needs someone to show her around town. Straight up, man. Help a brother out. Thanks!

Extra Tidbit: The first theatrical movie that the Arrow and I ever saw together was SWINGERS. Great film!



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