Arya & Sansa do their best Ned Stark impression for Carpool Karaoke

Have you ever wondered what Ned Stark would sound like if he were to utter lines from Disney's THE LION KING or drop a dope rhyme in tune to "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot? You have? Oh good, because the GAME OF THRONES Stark sisters, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, recently performed their best (and zany) Ned Stark impressions while filming an upcoming episode of CARPOOL KARAOKE: THE SERIES.

You can watch the hilarious video for yourself below:

With Turner at the wheel, Arya and Sansa participated in the new spinoff program while visiting Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest festival. Although their characters have grown quite distant from one another in recent times, Maisie and Sophie get along like two peas in a pod when they're not butting heads in Westeros. Seriously, you can tell that these two simply adore each other by their displays of light-hearted ribbing and genuinely shared laughter. It also helps that this isn't the first time that both Maisie and Sophie have been seen having a grand old time in the wild. If you search the internet, there are many more accounts of both ladies sharing a laugh while away from Winterfell or The House of Black and White.

CARPOOL KARAOKE is of course based on the late night segment featured on The Late Show with James Cordon. For the series, celebrities will continue to be paired with one another as they belt out some of their favorite hits from yesterday and today. Some stars that are set to appear on CARPOOL KARAOKE: THE SERIES are LeBron James, Ariana Grande, Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The epsiode featuring Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner will premiere on Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST.  

Extra Tidbit: I always sing in the car. It's one of the reasons that I'm quite content to embark on a several-hour-long solo car ride. My wife and I also like to sing together as well.



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