As IMAX screenings sell out, Paramount bumps up Star Trek Into Darkness' release date by one day

While I doubt STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will gross anywhere near IRON MAN 3's opening weekend, it is going to be a huge hit. With reports already coming in that the IMAX screenings are selling out for 8pm shows on Wednesday, May 15th, the studio has decided to bump up the film's opening day to Thursday, May 16th. Sure, it is only one day, but how often do you see something like this change a week before a major film release?

Unlike a lot of films presented in IMAX theaters to upcharge audiences, STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS will showcase over 30 minutes of footage filmed with IMAX cameras. Much like Christopher Nolan's Batman films, true IMAX is a sight to behold. I can only imagine seeing some space battles between Kirk's Enterprise and John Harrison's Vengeance looking spectacular in the large format.

For all of the STAR TREK fans out there, INTO DARKNESS promises to be as divisive as J.J. Abrams 2009 film. With that in mind, check out this handy video nitpicking everything wrong with that movie. I am sure many of you will at least find this mildly amusing.

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS now opens Thursday May 16, 2013.

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