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No, JoBlo.com isn't starting a new column called, 'Ask Kevin Smith'. However, Mr. Smith is spending Labor Day on his twitter answering all your questions.

Kevin is hosting an all day Tweet-A-Thon in honor of his new book, "Shootin' the Shit with Kevin Smith". The book comes out on September 22 and is the best of the crazy ass conversations that Kevin and Scott Mosier have from their weekly "SModcast". Kevin is ready for the job, "This is not news at all. In fact, it’s kinda stupid. But I wanna see if I can do it. I’ve been training for this my whole life, simply by being a lazy fat-ass who’d rather stare at a screen than better himself with a brisk constitutional. Someone asked what my training regiment is gonna be, and I told them I’ve already stockpiled lots of Count Chocula.”

I find it rather cool that Smith is taking the time to answer questions all day, no matter what the motivation. Now, there are a lot of people who have stopped following the director on Twitter because he either a.) talks about f*cking his wife too much b.) talks about hockey too much c.) talks about being high too much or d.) all of the above. I personally find it hilarious. Also, if you've ever seen "AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH", he's got some pretty interesting stories. The one about the Superman script has got to be the best though. So if you're bored and want to spend your holiday with Kevin, do so.

Extra Tidbit: Did any of you read the "Superman Lives" script from Kevin? What did you think?
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