Astronauts endorse Gravity in this new IMAX featurette for Alfonso Cuaron's film

Having astronauts praise your space movie is one hell of an endorsement and that's exactly what Alfonso Cuaron gets in this new IMAX featurette for GRAVITY. Starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, the anxiety-ridden, panic-inducing, eye-popping visual feast has been getting an onslaught of rave reviews from its various screenings and it's a week away from opening to the masses. As audiences hit their local theater, the question will come: Should I see it in 3D, IMAX, or both? That question is clearly answered in this featurette, which really leaves you with no other choice, especially if you're listening to NASA astronauts who have already experienced the film (and actual space!)

Don't let go:

Like most people who love movies, I am absolutely buzzing to see GRAVITY. Cuaron is an exciting and innovative filmmaker and both Bullock and Clooney are easy to watch for a few hours, so this is an easy bet. The score by Steven Price is effectively pulse pounding as well and has been on rotation in my playlist since its release. This feels like a film that has all the right ingredients baked to perfection. Next week can't get here fast enough!

GRAVITY makes sweet love to your eyeballs on October 4, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: It goes without saying that I'd love to see Cuaron on something like Star Wars or a fitting comic book property. That said, the guy could probably direct traffic and make it exciting.
Source: IMAX



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