At long last, the trailer for Justin Bieber's 3D movie is here!

Alright, sarcastic title aside, time for some real talk. I know it's cool to hate on Justin Bieber, and I've done so on many occasions, but I have to ask the question, why?

As this new documentary aims to show, Bieber was just a a kid with a talent who was a one in a million discovery on YouTube, and was plucked from obscurity and is now, somehow, the world's biggest teen idol.

If you hate his music, fine. If you hate his haircut, fine. I do in fact hate both of these things, but I don't quite understand the seeming hate for him as a person, as because as far as I can tell, he's just a lucky, somewhat talented kid who got famous and isn't being any more of a douchebag about it than you or I would be if given the same chance.

So anyway, take your daughters or nieces to see this I guess.

Extra Tidbit: I hate on TWILIGHT because I think it actually does active HARM to impressionable girls who read it. Can't really say the same for Bieber.
Source: Paramount



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