Attack the Block finds U.S. distribution

It looks like the fairly hyped ATTACK THE BLOCK has found a distributor here in the U.S.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions picked up U.S. rights to the film. Screen Gems will be the one to release the story about alien invaders in South London. But the question that stands out in my mind is whether or not they will add the subtitles to the film. Editor and El Bossorino Mike Sampson mentioned this in his article on the subject, that even though the "dialogue is rich with thick accents and local slang, it's no more difficult to understand than SHERLOCK HOLMES, a movie that made over $200 million in the US alone." After watching the trailer I never once thought, "Maybe this movie should have subtitles...". However, are the subtitles really that big of a deal? Subtitles shouldn't draw you away from a movie. Unfortunately though, this is something that does happen.

President for Screen Gems, Clint Culpepper said this about the film, "Steve Bersch screened this film for me and I fell completely in love with it. The film is, at once, charming, scary, funny, hip, clever and completely hits its mark. I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship with these incredibly talented filmmakers.”

The film directed by Joe Cornish won the Midnight Feature Audience Award at SXSW.

Extra Tidbit: If you haven't seen the trailer, you can check it out here.
Source: Deadline



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