Aubrey Plaza and John C. Reilly to star in zombie comedy Life After Beth, based on the UK short

John C. Reilly and Aubrey Plaza are apparently set to join comedic forces in an adaptation of the short film LIFE AFTER BETH, an obscure UK pic from 2010.  This time out, Jeff Baena (I HEART HUCKABEES) will write and direct, no doubt steering the film into some wacky territory.  According to Plaza (who is in a relationship with Baena) the adaptation is "...a really fucked-up movie."

The synopsis for the original reads like this: Domestic bliss, tenderness, heartbreak and the undead. Life After Beth is a short observation of a couple subsisting together in London.

I love Aubrey Plaza in general, but especially for her work on Parks and Rec.  I've yet to see SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (this week, I swear!), but hear nothing but good things about her work there.  With John C. Reilly in tow for LIFE AFTER BETH, I have a good feeling that there could be some strong comedic chemistry at work.  I don't know that we need more zombie comedies, but what the hell, with this duo leading the horde, I'm down. 

Shooting is set to begin early next year, but with no set release date at this time.  More as this develops.

Oh, and here's the trailer for the original short for LIFE AFTER BETH:

Extra Tidbit: Are you for or against more zombie comedies?



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