Aubrey Plaza warns that nothing is what it seems in Legion Season 2 promo

With Marvel and FX's LEGION set for a Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, April 3rd, it should come as no surprise that some mind-bending promotional material is starting to make its way online.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Aubrey Plaza, posing as her character Lenny Busker from the psychedelic show, posted a doomsday-style PSA announcement that warns viewers of the events to come. In fact, Lenny says that "What you think is real, never occurred." She also claims that David (Dan Stevens), his friends, and all of the events of the show's first season are merely a figment of your over-active imagination. That's right, David isn't real. None of this is real. It's all a part of your broken brain.

You can check out the twisted new promo for LEGION Season 2 below:  

The second season of LEGION looks to address what happened to David after the mysterious events of the show's season one finale. There's also a nefarious duo who we've already seen lurking in the first look trailer as well. Honestly, I think things are about to get a hell of a lot worse for David before they get any better.

LEGION Season 2 will premiere Tuesday, April 3rd of FX.

Source: Twitter



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