Aussies Die Hard

You know who's really un-American? The Australians. Well, the Canadians, too, but let's stick with the Australians for the moment.

Just how un-American are they? Enough for Fox to change the name of the new DIE HARD movie back to its original title. It seems the studio doesn't think the subtle New Hampshire slogan inspired title LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (which is fairly awful yet has grown on me) will translate to the land Down Under, apparently because it's just so far away. So the return of McClane sans hair will be known as DIE HARD 4.0, which retains the operating system theme behind the movie's tech-based villainy.

It's unknown how much of the planet's remainder will also get 4.0, but we do things a little differently in America. Usually to annoy other countries. But we also LIVE FREE. Or we DIE HARD. Anyway, regardless of what it's called, this June Bruce Willis battles bad people who want to make things in Washington DC all explody.
Extra Tidbit: John McClane might be getting long in the tooth, but his little baby daughter clearly grew into an attractive young woman -- she's played this time by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (FINAL DESTINATION 3).
Source: Moviehole.net



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