Avatar angers Hitler

With the release of the AVATAR trailer came a series of mixed emotions. Mostly those who were not as impressed as they thought they would be.

Now, I know not everyone shares the same 'meh' response to the trailer, some of you actually enjoyed it. But no matter what your feelings are, they can certainly be cast aside to enjoy how the F├╝hrer felt about it. Let's just say he was the most disappointed by the event.

The clips come from the movie DER UNTERGANG or DOWNFALL, which I actually just watched a week ago. The film was quite amazing. The story comes from Hitler's last secretary Traudl Junge who recounts Hilter's last days in the Berlin bunker. It's some really powerful and eye-opening stuff. If you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

But for now, let this entertain you. Thanks to AICN and our own Tony Lang for the find!

Extra Tidbit: There are a lot of DOWNFALL parodies on the interwebs.



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