Avatar sequels may be further away than you expected

If you've been aching to spend more time among the Na'vi, your post-Pandora depression may be continuing for a while longer.

Bleeding Cool recently caught up with AVATAR producer Jon Landau, who told them that the first of James Cameron's sequels is "four years away", which potentially puts AVATAR 2 in theaters around 2015 or 2016.

Cameron has been discussing a return to his deep space second home ever since the first movie was on its way to a $3 billion global box office total. But while Fox was optimistically anticipating the first of the two planned sequels in 2013 or 2014, perhaps the director hasn't made much headway beyond the details he's dropped in various interviews in the two years since the first blockbuster dazzled the world's eyeballs.

While Cameron has often discussed diving into the oceans of Pandora and/or visiting the moons of Polyphemus in the follow-ups (to be made back-to-back), he's also been involved in tech advancements, Mariana Trench research, an AVATAR prequel book, turning the screws on the 3D re-release of TITANIC, and overseeing Disney's upcoming AVATAR theme park.

Looks like for now, if you want another taste of the slender blue tree-loving aliens, you'll have to settle for whatever fanfics/slash can be found on the net.

Source: Bleeding Cool



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