Avengers: Infinity War heading for massive $225+ million opening weekend

Unless you’ve made a decent living for yourself under a rock – designed nicely with some hardwood flooring and enough bedrooms for you, your family and a workstation – you know AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is arriving in two days. The movie is going to crush the box office, but many have been speculating as to whether it can top the opening weekend of the massive STAR WARS movies. The answer is that it could very easily topple one film and will likely set the other in its sights.

According to current industry estimates (via Variety), INFINITY WAR is set to take in anywhere between $225-250 million this weekend at the box office, giving it one of the biggest (with a shot at the biggest) opening weekends ever. Coming in on the lower side would put it above the $220 million weekend of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, and if it hits the peak of the predictions it could best the $247 million opening of THE FORCE AWAKENS. Indeed, the force is strong with the Avengers.

Rounding out the current top five openers are JURASSIC WORLD ($208 million), THE AVENGERS ($207 million) and BLACK PANTHER ($202 million). INFINITY WAR will no doubt leap over those films, even if it comes in below the low end of the current projections. INFINITY WAR was destined for greatness a month ago when tickets went on sale, as it bested the 24-hour pre-sale record for a superhero movie (held by PANTHER) on Fandango within six hours. Since then it has gone on to sell more pre-sale tickets on Fandango than the last seven Marvel movies combined.

What will help the movie come the weekend is not only the already massive buzz for the superhero epic but the (currently) fantastic reviews for the movie. With about 100 reviews so far, the movie stands with an 87 percent “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That number will surely fluctuate as the review count doubles (even triples) in the next day or so, but by that point, everyone will have bought numerous tickets to numerous showtimes. If you aren’t prepared to see the movie at least twice this weekend you’re already falling behind. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives on Friday with early shows tomorrow!

Source: Variety



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