Avengers: Infinity War to become fastest movie to cross $1 billion globally

The Avengers are kicking ass not just here in North America, but around the world as well. They are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes after all, so it would make sense that AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR would continue to continue to dominate the global box office. The movie will soon break an impressive record, becoming the fastest movie to cross $1 billion around the world.


The movie’s $31 million Friday puts the movie’s total at $975 million, and by the end of the day the movie will indeed cross the billion-dollar mark as it’s sophomore weekend is estimated around $115-120 million. This will make it the fastest movie to reach $1 billion globally, hitting the mark after 11 days of release, besting THE FORCE AWAKENS by one day. Once the international total comes in, the movie should well into the billion-dollar arena as it marches towards comic book movie supremacy.

As for its second weekend, INFINITY WAR’s total will give it the second-largest weekend on the books, coming in below the $149 million of FORCE AWAKENS, but above the $111 million of BLACK PANTHER. This was to be expected, as the high anticipation no doubt fueled a record-breaking, front-loaded first weekend. That and AWAKENS benefitted from having the Christmas weekend as its second-weekend frame. INFINITY WAR also has the second-best seventh day total with $369 million, coming in below the $440 million of AWAKENS and above the $325 of JURASSIC WORLD.


Though I never thought INFINITY WAR would pass FORCE AWAKENS at the box office, it is still doing incredibly well as the days go on. Should its second weekend total hold near, or even above, the estimates, the movie should pass the domestic total of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON by the end of Monday, after only 10 days in release. The movie will have until May 17th (then it's DEADPOOL 2 time) to keep raking up numbers, and even then audiences will continue to turn out. AVENGERS 4 has some big shoes to fill. 

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is in theaters now. 



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