Avengers teaser coming soon, and are these the devious villains?

It's still a long way until Marvel's movie heroes assemble on screen in THE AVENGERS, we may get a peek relatively soon -- like when THOR hits screens just two months from now.

AICN says that Marvel has put together a specific teaser trailer for THE AVENGERS to play before their Thunder God's debut, which makes sense considering who Latino Review claims will be the movie's villain: Thor's wicked adoptive brother Loki. But that's not all -- they also say the manipulative and vengeful Asgardian will have assistance from the Skrulls, a green-skinned race of extraterrestrial shape-shifters with an affection for purple outfits.

Aliens and Loki as the villains won't be a surprise to anyone who's folllowed the rumors and rumblings about the project, or to those who read the comic series THE ULTIMATES, which seems to be the version of Marvel's heroes dictating the movies more than its original universe (the Sam Jackson Nick Fury was plucked from ULTIMATES pages).

THE AVENGERS writer-director Joss Whedon has undoubtedly poked at the scripts for THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA to sprinkle some bread crumbs leading down this path, which will be exciting for fanboys/fangirls to look for (obsess over) when those movies arrive this summer.

Loki seems like a perfect choice, especially to further tie in the Asgard aspect (and LR claims he'll also be using an object from CAPTAIN AMERICA to achieve his evil goals), but I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the Skrulls. Yes, it would provide ample opportunity for spectacle as the heroes go at it with an army of resilient (and occasionally superpowered) alien invaders... but on the other hand it's also the first time we're seeing the major characters collected in one movie, and then we'd have an added distraction of constantly wondering if we're seeing the real deal or a treacherous doppelganger (aka, The Mystique Syndrome).

What do you think?

Extra Tidbit: After Tony Stark joins up with the mighty Marvel heroes and saves the planet, are you worried IRON MAN 3 may end up feeling a bit... small?
Source: AICNLatino Review



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