Avengers trailer to hit the web next Tuesday!

It's always a weird proposition to report on when a trailer is going to appear online - a trailer itself is newsworthy but when a trailer is coming isn't necessarily so - but this is THE AVENGERS we're talking about here. The culmination of roughly a half-dozen superhero movies into one mega-crossover Marvel movie of epic proportions is a different story. The film will be the main attraction at next weekend's New York Comic-Con and to get fans excited, Marvel and Disney will be releasing the official trailer for the film online a few days early.

The official Facebook page for THE AVENGERS revealed today that the trailer will go online on Tuesday, October 11. If you want to see that hot superhero-on-superhero action on the big screen, don't look to Disney's REAL STEEL this weekend. Though it seems to be a perfect fit, the AVENGERS trailer won't be with running with that movie. Instead it will hit theaters the following weekend with...A BIG YEAR?

I'm not sure I 100% understand the logic behind passing on a kid-friendly movie your studio is distribution for a grandparent-friendly movie released by a competitor but hey, that's why they don't pay me the big bucks.

Our own Eric Walkuski will be coming atcha live from NYCC so make sure to stay tuned for his report from the AVENGERS panel as it happens. And make sure to check back here on Tuesday, October 11 to see the trailer premiere!

Source: Facebook



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