Avengers/JLA updates

Just a few years ago writer Brian Bendis said not to expect an AVENGERS movie any time in the near future because of the complications of filming a superhero team movie. But now we have two "team" movies in the works - AVENGERS at Marvel Studios and JUSTICE LEAGUE at Warner Bros. Marvel has set Zak Penn to write the AVENGERS and WB has a draft of JLA from Kieran Mulroney and Michele Mulroney. Penn hasn't yet begun work on AVENGERS but the Mulroneys have turned in their script and the project is currently out to directors (thoughts?). For Marvel, they own most of the rights to the original Avengers (including Thor and Captain America and other than Hulk, who is owned by Universal. Bendis might be partially correct however because although the script is in the works for AVENGERS, Marvel is looking to wait until all their stand alone films are completed and released. That could mean an AVENGERS film might not even start production until 2010. I guess the better question I have is why not do a joint-production of a crossover movie: AVENGERS VS. JLA? Now that, my friends, would kick ass.



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