Away We Go trailer

When I heard that Dave Eggers had written his first original screenplay and that Sam Mendes was going to direct, I was immediately interested. The trailer for that comedy/drama, AWAY WE GO, is online today and it looks like every bit the smart, funny, sad movie you'd expect from Dave Eggers and Sam Mendes.

The movie stars John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph as an expectant couple who travel across the US looking for the perfect place to raise a family. It's amazing that we seem to have found a film that focuses on a couple in their 30s who aren't stoners, victims of a serial killer, yuppies or office drones. They're actual real people (gasp!). Even Krasinski toned down his boyish good looks with a scraggly beard and horn-rimmed glasses. Check out the trailer below and I think you'll find a movie that'll be a nice alternative to the action fare this summer.

Extra Tidbit: I really dig the animated title cards too.
Source: Yahoo!



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