Awesome art from Edgar Wright's art show featuring great Blood and Ice Cream trilogy pieces!

In anticipation of the final chapter of The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, THE WORLD'S END, making its debut, director Edgar Wright recently held an art show with nineteeneightyeight, featuring a some truly awesome work by a slew of different artists, who all captured slices of Wright's work in various mediums. There's a TON of work to admire, collecting snapshots of the director's work from Spaced, SHAUN OF THE DEAD,  SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, HOT FUZZ, THE WORLD'S END, and more! I love seeing the work from these type of themed art shows as they always produce such amazing stuff. As an artist and film geek, this is truly inspirational stuff that celebrates two crafts (graphic art and film) at once.

Below is a smattering of pieces I found to be really great, but you can check out the full roster over at nineteeneightyeight's page here. Scan below for some greatest hits and don't forget to catch THE WORLD'S END, opening in theaters nationwide at midnight!

Extra Tidbit: Man, I wish those Golden Books were real...



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