Awesome featurette shows the making of Hans Zimmer's score for Man of Steel

One of the most-praised aspects of MAN OF STEEL is the score by Hans Zimmer, who has lent his tremendous skill to a bevy of Hollywood hits, from GLADIATOR to THE DARK KNIGHT to PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. In this new featurette, we see Zimmer working out the beats and flow of the score, as he experiments his way to the final product. For score enthusiasts (or folks that just dig the process), this is a really cool look into one of the aspects of filmmaking that often gets overlooked, but plays such a major role in the final product.

Have a listen:

I've had the MAN OF STEEL score in constant rotation since it was released and after seeing the film it only enhances the listening experience. When it was announced that they wouldn't be using original SUPERMAN composer John Williams' famous theme, many were upset. After hearing Zimmer's score, both on its own and in MAN OF STEEL, I couldn't imagine the old theme being in there. I think it fits the contemporary model and pushes things forward, rather than being stuck in the same gear for decades to come.

MAN OF STEEL is currently in theaters. Get the score here!

Extra Tidbit: Hans Zimmer also is doing the score for Gore Verbinski's The Lone Ranger this summer, although that one is said to contain the classic William Tell Overture.
Source: Warner Bros. UK



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