Awesome TV spot for PROMETHEUS reveals some familiar and unfamiliar "aliens"

I'm going to go ahead and throw out a spoiler warning for this TV spot for PROMETHEUS as it does reveal at least one thing you may want to wait and see in theaters and a few others as well.  Consider this your fair warning. 

Still with me?

All right.  So, this TV spot for PROMETHEUS reveals some more footage of the "space jockey" (I'm presuming) and another shot of the "face-hugger-ish" creature burrowing down one of the astronauts throats inside his space helmet and that is why I love the movies.

I don't think this will ruin the movie for you, but I'll let you be the judge.  It only gets me more stoked for this sucker to hit theaters.

Whatever you do, keep your mouth closed:

I told you it was awesome.  If you're like me, then PROMETHEUS fever has likely kicked in and even though you'll probably see THE AVENGERS one to two more times, your sights are set squarely on Ridley Scott's sci-fi opus, which actually looks scary as hell, so perhaps sci-fi/horror may be a better genre to put it in.

I'll just keep leading my miserable life until June 8, 2012 gets here and I can finally watch PROMETHEUS in all its glory and splendor.  See you there.

Extra Tidbit: At this juncture I couldn't give a shit if I see a xenomorph. That would just be icing on this delicious cake.



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