Awfully Good Movies: Freejack (Video)

Freejack (1992)
 Geoff Murphy
Stars: Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Anthony Hopkins

This weekend, Harrison Ford is back on the hunt for replicants alongside Ryan Gosling in BLADE RUNNER 2049, so Awfully Good Movies is going to activate a cinematic program from the cyberpunk genre that BLADE RUNNER helped influence: 1992’s FREEJACK, starring Emilio Estevez, Mick Jagger, Rene Russo and Anthony Hopkins! Yes, you read that cast list right: Coach Gordon Bombay starring alongside one of the greatest singers in rock n’ roll history and an Oscar-winning master thespian in his first role after SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. But don’t let that cast list fool you though, cause out of all the sci-fi movies set in dystopian futures, this flick is one of the silliest, with Emilio playing a race car driver in 1991 who’s saved from a fiery car crash thanks to Mick Jagger transporting him through time to 2009...only so Mick can harvest Emilio’s body so that his mind can be replaced with that of a dying millionaire who is seeking immortality. But Emilio makes a run for it, and seeks the help of his former fiancée Rene Russo to escape from Mick’s gang of “bonejackers”. (Yes, I know “bonejackers” sounds more like the name of a Sega Genesis game than a futuristic gang of bounty hunters, but work with me here.) Along the way, they’ll come across Mike the Cleaner from BREAKING BAD, a crazy bum who gives inspirational speeches about eagles, and a lot of dated computer visuals from the 90s which would look more at home in a Windows 95 instructional video. Plus, Anthony Hopkins pops up every so often to blather techno-jargon in front of a green screen and dream of what he’ll do with his paycheck. And while Mick gets to be in a sci-fi movie with Anthony Hopkins and Keith gets to cameo in those PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies, the rest of the Rolling Stones sit around and wonder why no one’s called them for any acting gigs. Have patience, Charlie Watts; your big-screen break will come sooner or later.

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Extra Tidbit: Loosely based on Robert Sheckley’s novel IMMORTALITY, INC, the script was co-written by NIGHTCRAWLER writer/director Dan Gilroy in his first writing job. He and Rene Russo met on the set of the film and would get married the next year, with Russo going on to be cast in two of her husband’s scripts, TWO FOR THE MONEY and NIGHTCRAWLER.
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