Awfully Good Movies: Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Video)

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

DIRECTOR: Joe Chappelle

CAST: Donald Pleasence, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan

Halloween is here once again, and so is the infamous Michael Myers, who's celebrating his 40th anniversary with the financial and critical success of David Gordon Green’s latest John Carpenter-approved reboot of HALLOWEEN. But long before Jamie Lee Curtis made her third return to this franchise, Donald Pleasence came back for one last showdown with Michael Myers in the sixth HALLOWEEN installment: THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS! Yes, long before Dimension Films ruined this franchise with Busta Rhymes, their first attempt at distributing the HALLOWEEN series attempted to tie all the loose threads left behind by HALLOWEEN 5’s open ending six years earlier. But instead, the sixth HALLOWEEN just ended up leaving viewers with even more questions: Why isn’t Danielle Harris back in the role of Michael Myers’ niece Jamie Lloyd? Why is Jamie Lloyd suddenly a whole lot older and giving birth to a baby which is gonna be sacrificed by an evil cult? AND WHERE THE HELL DID THE EVIL CULT EVEN COME FROM?!? Well, it turns out Miramax and Dimension cut the hell out of this movie in post-production to make the film appeal more to teenage audiences than to true blue HALLOWEEN fans, even at the expense of the late great Donald Pleasence getting most of his final cinematic role cut from the film in favor of a hot young actor by the name of Paul Stephen Rudd--or as he’s more commonly referred to in show business nowadays, Ant-Man. So since Awfully Good Movies thinks you should be entitled to more than one good scare this Halloween, we’re reviewing both the theatrical cut and the unrated producer’s cut to see which version of HALLOWEEN 6 is the better finale to the original Michael Myers storyline. Will the grown-up Tommy Doyle find out the sinister backstory behind his childhood “boogeyman”? Will Dr. Loomis ever stop shrieking about how evil Michael Myers is and simply keep that bastard locked up in the looney bin for once? Why is that mustached guy who ran the mental hospital in the first movie suddenly inserted back into the franchise, sans mustache, and also played by a whole other actor? When is Paul Rudd gonna teach Sam Loomis how to “slappa da bass”? And seriously, did this movie just reveal Michael Myers has been controlled by a magical Druid constellation in the sky this whole time?!? Trust us, if you think Rob Zombie’s remakes were the death of this franchise...then you don’t know what death is.

"Halloween Theme (Sega Genesis Remix)" by Yuzoboy

"Michael Myers Dancing" by OCession

"Photoshop of Dr. Sam Loomis Wearing Crotchless Panties" by Jesse Shade

And if your tongue has healed up from that razor blade in your apple, then treat yourself to one of our old Awfully Good Movies Halloween specials...






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