Awfully Good Movies: RoboCop 3 (Video)

RoboCop 3 (1993)
 Fred Dekker
Stars: Robert John Burke, Nancy Allen, Rip Torn

Michael Bay is at it again with Marky Mark, Optimus Prime and the Clunky Bunch in the fifth and far from final installment of the TRANSFORMERS series, THE LAST KNIGHT, which reminds us of another beloved 80s robot that overstayed his welcome on the big screen: from 1993, it's ROBOCOP 3, the latest installment of Awfully Good Movies! Yes, as much of an iconic classic as the first ROBOCOP is, it had drained a whole lot of its power by the time it got to the third entry of the series. Paul Verhoeven was long gone, and Peter Weller was too busy to once again don the metal suit. So now the reins had been handed to MONSTER SQUAD director Fred Dekker and legendary comic book writer Frank Miller, and the result just about killed their careers in Hollywood after Orion Pictures had finally released the damn thing a year after it was filmed due to the studio declaring bankruptcy. And I think it's safe to say the ROBOCOP movies had themselves declared creative bankruptcy with this sequel, with Nancy Allen getting killed off a third of the way into it, RoboCop going up against a smiley Japanese samurai robot, and toned-down violence and gore to help this flick appeal to a younger audience with a PG-13. But though this sequel may be a disaster, is it at least an ENTERTAINING disaster? Well, let's just say that I'd gladly buy this movie for a dollar...and, unlike the ROBOCOP remake from three years ago, I can at least remember watching ROBOCOP 3. 

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Extra Tidbit: Though this flick was a huge setback for director Fred Dekker, he's thankfully making a comeback by recollaborating with his MONSTER SQUAD co-writer Shane Black, as the two of them are writing the new PREDATOR flick, which Black is directing. ROBOCOP VS. PREDATOR, guys...just throwing that idea out there for anyone who wants it.
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