Bad Santa 2 will be delivered under your tree in time for Christmas 2016

Now we know when we can expect delivery of BAD SANTA 2, and I hope you're not surprised that it'll be in time for the holidays next year. Otherwise, you might need a visit from Captain Obvious more than Santa Claus.

Today Broad Green Pictures officially planted their flag in November 23, 2016 for the BAD SANTA sequel, giving it a few weeks run up to Christmas to do any sort of damage at the box office while keeping the film far away from the massacre that STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE is sure to unleash upon any movie that might be in its way in mid-December. As we saw over the weekend, there aren't enough screens for new releases trying to make their mark against a STAR WARS film, and, even with the field getting more crowded on Christmas Day, STAR WARS is going to be king, making the squeeze that much tighter for studios trying to drum up some sort of business for their movies.

Next year shouldn't look all that much different, so, if Broad Green wants to get people to come out for a holiday-centered movie, even one as ranchy and R-rated as BAD SANTA 2 would seem to be, right around thanksgiving, when the Christmas mindset starts to be setting in appears to be the right call.



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